A power packed solution for your restaurant to modernise your ordering and delivery process at Android platform.

Increase productivity. Save 30% of the salary. Generate more business


Kiosk App

Our user friendly self ordering apps will give your customers a pleasing ordering experience. They don’t need to stand in the long queue and you can save your employee cost as well. By browsing and selecting their favourite items gives more joy to the users and will keep coming for more orders. Allow them to make the payment through online and cash on delivery. Supports multiple languages and currencies.


Customers can order from Kiosk or POS system. The POS come with ordering and payment processing feature. The salesperson can manage the order and handle cash with in the app. Single restaurant can have multiple POS system.


Kitchen App

The chef in the kitchen can view the new orders coming and update the order status. They can manage their delivery accordingly.


Printer Integration

The printer will be integrated with Kiosk, POS and Kitchen. The customers will get print receipt after an order placement and the chef will get automatic print after the successful order.