Self Ordering Kiosks Solutions for Restaurants

With a custom-designed experience built on Foodesoft self-ordering kiosks, you can eliminate queues, free up employees' time, and give customers what they want.


Intuitive Ordering Experience

  • Customer Self-Service
    Foodesoft enables your Food & Beverage business to go unmanned or reduce employee overhead costs by allowing customers to self-order.
  • User Interface That Is Simple
    Foodesoft offers a variety of themes and colors, as well as the ability for your team to submit your desired corporate design and colors.
  • Customize Order
    Guests may personalize their orders by selecting from various add-ons and modifiers. Guests can opt to receive SMS text updates on their orders.

Streamlined Ordering Flow

  • End-to-End Order Flow
    Orders are sent to POS, KDS (Kitchen Display System), and even QMS (Queue Management System) for Food Collection.
  • Order Administration
    Take orders and efficiently transfer them to the kitchen.
  • Syncing Menu Items and Payments
    In sync with our kitchen display system (KDS) to display up-to-date sales and payment status.

Control Your Menu in Real-time

Foodesoft Portal allows you to add and remove menu items and highlight popular or high-margin options.

  • Make menu updates on the fly
    Schedule the Menu for different days or times as required. Add daily specials and menu items that are out of stock.
  • Orders should be sent to the kitchen display screens.
    Orders are sent straight from the self-ordering kiosk to kitchen display screens on the line.
  • Increase sign-ups for loyalty programs Encourage customers to sign up for loyalty/rewards programs throughout the checkout process.

Easy Payments & Discounts

  • Offer Contactless Payments
    Combined with us, guests can enjoy a contactless order and pay experience.
  • Configurable Payment Options
    You may accept various payment options, including debit and credit cards and digital payments. Interestingly, you can also accept cash payments and regulate the order so that food is only made until payment in cash is received.
  • Redemption of Discounts and Vouchers
    Allows customers to redeem discounts and coupons through the kiosk for a more seamless redemption and service experience.

Self-ordering kiosks streamline the dining experience for customers in quick-service restaurants