Comprehensive Restaurant POS Software Solutions

FoodesoftPOS is a premier cloud-based restaurant POS software that includes everything you need to manage and develop your business.


Make Selling Easy

FoodesoftPOS provides you with everything you need to satisfy your customers and makes it easier to sell to them and re-target them with reward points. Choose Foodesoft POS for real-time insight into the trends and data driving your business.

  • Add a synced online store, no coding is required.
  • Sell through Social Media Channels Like Instagram and Facebook with a tap.
  • Provide curbside pickup, local delivery, and shipping services.
  • Manage your whole business from a single place.

Empower Your Employees

Foodesoft POS software is simple and has an easy-to-use user interface; it is simple to educate your employees to use; no technical knowledge is necessary. Also, you may get reports on the highest-performing employees, employee shift times, and staff-specific sales reports, among other things.

  • Customize the menu screen to meet your needs; arrange items and categories by type.
  • Using modifiers, you may easily add toppings and add-ons to the objects.
  • Create several dining alternatives, such as "Dine in," "Take out," "Delivery," and so on.
  • Apply discounts and taxes, and add remarks to individual items or orders.

Choose from leading integrated payments

Sell on the go. Allow you to choose a wide range of integrated payments in different countries or you can take in-person contactless payments with just a QR code.

  • Secure transactions with multiple payment gateways
  • Contactless or QR scanner payment

Manage your Restaurant Through Online

Even if you are on vacation, you can take care of your business by checking all reports on the move using Our mobile Dashboard applications. It is compatible with iOS, and Android.

  • Manage your chain restaurants using a single account.
  • Keep track of your sales, inventory, staff, and customers all in one place.
  • Track the sales growth or decline compared with the previous day, week, or month, and promptly react to changes.

Most Valuable Features by Restaurant Type

Run your POS on any device.