Advanced Online Ordering System For Restaurants

Simplify your online ordering with foodesoft. User friendly features.


Receive your restaurant online orders through the website

Move your restaurant business to the next level using our online ordering system. Easy to manage orders, menu, payment, and customers. Generate additional income without taking much effort.

80% of the customers would love to prefer ordering through a restaurant ordering system, not through third-party platforms. Make use of this to your advantage. Run an online ordering system for restaurants on your website to avoid paying a high amount of fees and commissions. A user-friendly platform to grow your business into the next stage.

Order through mobile apps

According to Statista, more than 90% of the customers are most likely to order through mobile applications often. Our online ordering system for restaurants will allow you to launch your own app and receive more orders. The user-friendly mobile app brings a rich ordering experience for the customers. Convert your customers into loyal customers by proving offers and coupons.

Pick up or delivery option gives more flexibility to your customers. The customers will get updates about the order statuses through push notifications. Even they can track the delivery agent from their mobile app.

Benefits of online ordering system for restaurants

Benefit from the potential of online ordering systems to increase the number of food delivery and takeaway services. The online ordering system will also help you limit the costs of co-operation with food delivery portals.

Implement Foodesoft solution and become individualistic of food portals, drive more revenue, and limit commission costs

Order Management at your mobile

Manage your menu, set restaurant opening and closing hours and more importantly receive your orders at your mobile device. Receive push notification with sound alarm for new order coming to your device. Print orders from your mobile device.

Delivery Management System

Restaurant can manage their own delivery team with our delivery management system. Orders can be assigned to the drivers manually or automatically. The drivers will receive orders in their mobile apps.

Admin Panel

User friendly admin panel to manage your categories, menu, orders, coupons, delivery and customers. Set delivery fee by selecting location on Google Maps and cost for each delivery location. Set opening hours, closing hours, and holiday in the admin panel.

Key features