Foodesoft - Grasp The Next Generation With Online Restaurant Ordering System

Satisfy more of your hungry customers with our online restaurant ordering system. Launch branded mobile apps, your website, and other channels for taking commission-free orders.


Own a Commission-Free Online Ordering System

Your own branded restaurant online ordering system lets your customers place orders directly on your website instead of third-party aggregators without any hidden fees or commissions.

  • Easy to manage - You can quickly create and change your items
  • Commission-free - No hidden costs or commissions.
  • Your brand - Websites and mobile apps with your brand name.

Intuitive Mobile App Ordering for Customers

Unlock your brand's full potential with your own mobile app. Stand out with content unique to your brand and allow customers to order food online or reserve tables through the app.

Customize it with your logo, colors, menu & content & let your customers engage with your brand on the go.

  • App-only offers -Drive your website & mobile site users to your mobile app by running exclusive app-only discounts.
  • Image-based menus -Attract more customers with beautiful image-intensive menus.
  • Order tracking - Let your customers track their orders and notify them of the status of their orders.

Transform Operations with Customized Order Management

Manage all your online orders from a single interface.

Easy to use advanced management tools with detailed reports for growing your online orders with more accurate decisions. Experiment with your menu. Add new items and alter pricing in real-time without relying on aggregators!

  • Smooth order flow - A single order inflow & outflow process for all channels. See orders from all sources and take immediate action.
  • Detailed reports -Generate reports in just one click for all online orders across portals.
  • Instant alerts - Receive instant notifications when an order is received.

Most Precise Delivery Zone Settings

This comprehensive online ordering system with delivery integrations provides end-to-end value.

You may create numerous delivery zones and set minimum order amounts, delivery costs, and estimated delivery timings for each zone.

  • Multi-zone - Create multiple zones and set different conditions
  • Minimum order - Set a minimum order quantity for each zone
  • Delivery fee - For long distances, you can apply a delivery cost
  • Estimated time - Set delivery estimates for each zone

Manage More Orders by Using Coupons

Flexible reward points and special offers for your customers.

Create special deals and loyalty rewards for your customers to increase your profits. Simple to create, easy to benefit.

  • Loyalty rewards - Offer spendable reward points for orders
  • Special discounts - Offer special discounts on defined conditions
  • Coupons - Give custom codes with special offers

Meet the Easiest Payment Method for Your Orders

Your online ordering page comes integrated with multiple online payment options and mobile wallets.

Accept online payments with multiple payment gateway accounts. No more hidden fees or commissions, unlike other platforms.

  • Contactless payments - Allow customers to pay using their preferred methods, such as debit/credit cards
  • Tips - Customers can choose to pay a tip to the delivery persons.
  • Secure & Reliable - It has the highest security standards and end-to-end encryption.

Admin Panel

User friendly admin panel to manage your categories, menu, orders, coupons, delivery and customers. Set delivery fee by selecting location on Google Maps and cost for each delivery location. Set opening hours, closing hours, and holiday in the admin panel.

Pricing Comparison

Choose a plan that will help your business grow. If you are unsure about which plan is best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll work together to come up with the perfect plan.

Features Standard
Website Yes Yes Yes
Source code Yes Yes Yes
Multi-lingual Support Yes Yes Yes
Ordering apps
(Android & iOS)
No Yes Yes
Restaurant app
No No Yes
Driver App
No No Yes
Payment gateway
(Extra Cost)
Yes Yes
Sunmi POS
No No Yes
Thermal printer
No No Yes
Customization Yes Yes Yes

Key features

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions here.

A restaurant ordering system that enables restaurants to accept & manage orders received from customers, via the restaurant's website, or mobile apps, and then pick up their orders in-store or have them delivered to their doorsteps. Orders can be accepted manually / automatically.

Most Definitely! A restaurant ordering system is developed to cater to all requirements of every type and size of restaurant and business. Determine all of your needs for your business, and then select the most acceptable solution to provide you with complete control over your operations.

Of course, it is! We do provide full assistance for setting up online apps and publishing apps on the Playstore and Appstore.

Definitely! Once you purchase the app, we assist and install the app on the hosting server at no additional cost.

Yes, we provide 100% source code with full access and total customization. In addition, our qualified experts will work with you to complete your customization.
Note: Additional charges apply for every customization you’re going to be done.

Yes, we accept credit/debit cards, wallet payments, and cash payments online.

Feel free to connect with us at and also chat options will be available on our website.