“From Click to Cart: A Ready-To-Use Grocery Delivery App Script to Automate Grocery Business”

Use the top-notch online grocery delivery app script to make your software services smarter and promptly achieve healthy growth. Foodesoft to help single vendors or chains of several grocers to achieve significant sales.

Choose the appropriate business model for your grocery delivery business.

Make a transition to an online grocery store by picking the service that is best for you.


Hyper-Local Marketplace

Combine all of the local grocery stores on your marketplace and provide online grocery buying with on-time delivery to your consumers.


Supermarket Chains

If you run a grocery chain, allow your customers to order items from a nearby store and have them delivered. Avoid intermediaries by serving directly.


Standalone Stores

Deliver groceries to your consumers quickly and easily, right from your digital grocery store.


One-stop-solutions for an on-demand online grocery delivery platform

The online grocery delivery business is seeing significant growth in the market, with the primary goals of time savings and convenience. Foodesoft provides innovative Grocery Delivery Software that makes your workflow easy to manage and synchronizable with the demands of your customers. Here are the necessary features to make ordering and delivery as easy and simple as possible.

  • Android and iOS Specific Interfaces
  • Attractive Front-end
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Easily manageable workflow across countries
  • One-stop solution for all grocery delivery app models
  • Outstanding back-end capabilities
  • Payment Options That Are Both Flexible and Secure
  • Hassle-free bulky orders handling

Personalized e-commerce platform for selling groceries online

  • Elegant grocery delivery : Our feature-rich dashboard enables grocery delivery entrepreneurs to optimize their delivery operations and manage delivery easily and quickly.
  • Data-driven sales report : Create instant sales reports by analyzing your grocery delivery and stay up-to-date with valuable insights.
  • Contactless delivery : Maintain your company's efficiency by including contactless delivery options and providing faster shipping around the city.
  • Access through all devices : Allow customers to easily access your grocery store from multiple devices such as a laptop, iPhone, or Android device.

Enhance Your Business with Our Cutting-Edge Features

Our online grocery delivery software offers more functionality than just basic add/edit and order capabilities. Depending on your needs, you may include useful features and functions in your grocery solutions.

  • Order Management : Allow users to view their order details until it arrives at their doorstep. Reliable solutions make it easy to manage order history and canceled orders.
  • Schedule Delivery : To manage orders and delivery in a timely manner, the grocery business demands the greatest all-around application. Now you may schedule all of your orders at your own convenience.

Grocery Delivery Script App Solution





Why do you require a grocery delivery app?

People have grown familiar with having products and services delivered to their doorstep! As a result, having an app-based on-demand grocery delivery platform might be a significant benefit for your business.

  • You can build lasting relationships with customers.
  • Allow your customers to shop from any location, at any time!
  • Using real-time data, you can forecast your business's performance.

Why choose Foodesoft for your business?

Our seamless transition from the traditional business model to a grocery app sets us apart in the market! With our services, we provide you with a hassle-free switch to a modern and efficient grocery app experience. We offer,

  • 100% scalable and customized platform.
  • Team of skilled developers.
  • Fair product pricing plan.
  • Superior technology.

Key Features

  • Social media login
  • Store listing based on Geo location
  • Add to cart and Check out
  • Wish list
  • Rating and review
  • Order real time tracking
  • Address book
  • Order history
  • Profile page
  • Dashboard
  • Accept/Reject order
  • Shift on/off
  • Manage categories
  • Manage orders
  • Manage delivery area
  • Manage delivery fees
  • View reviews
  • Manage revenue
  • Reports module
  • Coupon management
  • Login
  • Shift on/off
  • Pugh notifications and alerts
  • Accept/reject order
  • Pick up order
  • Track delivery location
  • Deliver the order
  • Earn commission
  • Dashboard
  • Store management
  • Commission management
  • Manage payment methods
  • Commission setup
  • Customers management
  • Manage customers and drivers
  • Delivery management
  • Detailed report module

Incredible Features Of Our Grocery Delivery Script

Here are a few most amazing aspects of our grocery delivery script that users might find exciting.


Item details

Users of our grocery delivery platform may access this function to view all relevant information about the groceries, including pricing, any available deals, the name of the grocery store, etc.


Shopping cart

Customers may pick up the groceries they choose on the delivery platform using this feature of our grocery delivery script. Directly from the cart, users may continue to place orders for the necessary groceries.



With the platform's item categories users will be able to know about the various grocery item types that are available and easily find the items they need.


Search option

Users of our on-demand grocery delivery app may easily discover their desired grocery goods on the platform with this option. This functionality improves the platform's item search process for users.


Track orders

Users on the platform may efficiently track their orders using this feature of our grocery delivery script. This option will snatch users' attention on the on-demand grocery delivery platform.


Ratings & reviews

Our grocery delivery script allows customers to offer reviews and feedback on the products, which other users on the platform may check before making orders for the groceries.