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Mobile Apps

We provide you with an Android and IPhone mobile app booking facility with your brand name. It includes customer apps, order management apps for restaurants and the delivery apps.

Order Management

Restaurants can manage their orders from their restaurant admin panel and through mobile apps as well. Each restaurants can also manage their menus, delivery fees from their panel.

Delivery Boy Apps

Order can be assigned to delivery boy from the admin panel. They will receive order alert through push notification. They can accept or reject the orders and track the customer location through Google maps.

Order Tracking

The customer can track their order through their mobile apps. Driver can also get route to reach the customers location through Google maps. Admin can see the location of the drivers from their panel.

tracking icon
tracking icon

Auto Dispatch

The drivers near to the restaurants will get new order notification when the order is under preparation. The first one accepts the order will receive the order, and others can't accept after that. It is a complete automatic system to make the admin work easier.

Key Features

  • Social media login
  • Restaurant listing based on Geo location
  • Add to cart and Check out
  • Wish list
  • Rating and review
  • Order real time tracking
  • Address book
  • Order history
  • Profile page
  • Dashboard
  • Accept/Reject order
  • Shift on/off
  • Manage categories
  • Manage orders
  • Manage delivery area
  • Manage delivery fees
  • View reviews
  • Manage revenue
  • Reports module
  • Coupon management
  • Login
  • Shift on/off
  • Pugh notifications and alerts
  • Accept/reject order
  • Pick up order
  • Track delivery location
  • Deliver the order
  • Earn commission
  • Dashboard
  • Restaurant management
  • Commission management
  • Manage payment methods
  • Commission setup
  • Customers management
  • Manage customers and drivers
  • Delivery management
  • Detailed report module

And More

SMS Gateway

Keep your customers updated about their orders. Send messages to the customers about their orders and statues.

Printer integration

Increase efficiency and simplify printer integration and its operations during food order processing by engaging our experts to create software solutions.

Payment gateway integration

Online payments are booming, so be ready to do your business online by integrating secured payment gateways to accept domestic & global