Top Mind-Blowing Features To Set Up an Ubereats Clone App

Various organizations have been attempting to update themselves with current technologies such as automation, drone delivery possibilities, and more on a daily basis. All of these make the food delivery industry to be prominent in the delivery services. In addition, in recent years, there has been an upsurge in the demand for food delivery services. 

Most entrepreneurs and business owners nowadays have discussed the use of clone scripts like Ubereats Clone. The reason for this is the exceptional capabilities of these clone apps, you can quickly start your food delivery business from scratch and enter the food delivery industry. 

Top Mind-Blowing Features To Set Up an Ubereats Clone App

The greatest platform for food delivery services is Ubereats Clone. It also includes top features and benefits that make this clone app popular among both successful entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s incredible to see how easy it is for your customers to order food in only a few steps. 

Let’s take a look at some amazing features in this blog while developing your Ubereats Clone Script.

How Does Ubereats Clone Work?

  • Customers may use email or social login to join up or log in to your food delivery app.
  • They can avoid needed information such as names, phone numbers, and other details by using the social login option.
  • They may explore different types of food products in your delivery app once you sign up.
  • They may also filter food products according to their preferences, such as price ranges, categories, best-selling foods, and so on.
  • They choose their favorite meal from a certain grocery store and place it in their shopping basket.
  • You may view similar food items to order when the food is being transferred to the cart.
  • After you’ve completed your transaction, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of payment methods.
  • Customers may pay with credit cards, debit cards, cash on delivery, or even cryptocurrency wallets, among other choices.
  • Customers can pay for meals they have ordered at their leisure.
  • Notify the restaurant proprietors that your meal is being prepared after the payment procedure is completed.
  • Finally, delivery partners pick up the ready-to-eat food from the restaurant and bring it to your clients within a certain time frame.

Features of Ubereats Clone App

Foodesoft develops the Ubereats clone app with the smart features listed as follows:

  • Smart Login
  • Advanced Search
  • Promo Code Management
  • Attractive Menus
  • On-time Delivery

Smart Login

When your consumers register for your white-label delivery app, having a straightforward login or sign-up option helps them feel at ease. Foodesoft Ubereats Clone has a social login feature that allows foodies to share their comments with family and friends.

Advanced Search

Customers will feel at ease if you use Ubereats Clone to create a simple navigation system. This enables them to do both automated and manual searches based on geography, category, price range, and popularity, among other factors.

Promo Code Management

Providing a special promo code might help your food delivery business increase profitability and orders. To deliver promo codes to your customers, you’ll need this Ubereats Clone’s promo code management tools. Customers will be more engaged with your food delivery services if you use this method.

Appealing Menu’s

While looking through your tasty meal choices in your food delivery app, make sure your foodies are delighted. To do so, you need to offer dynamic and appealing menu listings that allow customers to buy food online depending on their specific requirements.

On-time Delivery

Customers want your company to follow its promises about delivery times. If not, they just go on to the next person. To achieve these expectations, you’ll need to use Ubereats Clone to incorporate geo-based location maps. This enables your delivery partners to deliver food orders within a certain time frame.

Why Choose Ubereats Clone App from Foodesoft?

Ubereats clone from Foodesoft is perfect for your food delivery service. Also, it comes with advanced things like,

  • Free Server Installation
  • Free App Submission on both Google Play Store & Apple Store
  • Free Bug Support
  • Real-Time Support
  • Native iOS & Android Apps
  • 100% Source Code
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free White-Labeling
  • Support After App Rejection


I hope you now have a basic understanding of the functions of a meal delivery app. The ideal platform to suit the food demands of both clients and businesses is Foodesoft’s Ubereats Clone app, which has a clever workflow and top mind-blowing features.

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