How Will Restaurant Mobile App Ordering Ever Rule the Restaurant Business?

Mobile App Ordering

It is nothing unexpected that technology is used more and more often for day-to-day tasks. For instance, insights show that as numerous as 82% of searches for the best food establishment are conducted on mobile devices (source). This reality is exceptionally significant, especially for anyone who needs to make an effective restaurant marketing strategy. Restaurant mobile apps are changing the restaurant business in a significant way. Perhaps, it could also assist you to develop your own food delivery business.

When it comes to mobile app ordering, At least 1 in 4 users has a sole mobile app for restaurant ordering installed on their device (source).

Also, there will most likely be 5.9 million smartphone users in 2020, a rise from 5.6 million in 2019 (source).

Let’s have deep knowledge about how restaurant mobile apps have changed restaurant ordering!

Appetizing food, polite staff, lovely ambiance – these things have a huge impact on how your food delivery business succeeds. However, you should also remember to adding technology to your strategy for business development.

Consider getting in for a mobile app for restaurant ordering which could give your business huge benefits that you might have imagined. 

Eaters will receive the ordered food when & where they want 

Folks more and more often discover themselves occupied or exhausted to prepare their meals. No wonder 30% of U.S. citizens order food online at least once a week (source)

If you have a mobile app for your restaurant, this solution is made simple and effortless. Customers are able to fulfill their hunger at their chosen much 24/7.

Advantages of Restaurant Online Ordering

  • Online Ordering – A well-created application makes it realistic to place an order both quickly and in a simple manner. The mobile app offered by the Foodesoft framework will allow your customers to use online ordering.
  • Opinions & Stats – The mobile apps for eateries from the Foodesoft system permit your customers to compose feedback about their ordering experience within your app. Such remarks are sent directly to the admin panel where you can read them and respond (if vital) before any possible crisis reaches social media. In addition, in the Foodesoft system, insights are generated automatically – you can settle on more decisions based on them.
  • Promotions – When it comes to making extra promotions, an on-demand food delivery app together with a restaurant’s online ordering system which can create a huge rise in your sales.


As per survey results produced by, 35% of users use an app to order food for both pick-up and delivery. Moreover, 25% of audiences choose to make a reservation at the restaurant with their mobile devices. 

Has your business already made it workable for customers? 

If not, it would undoubtedly be a smart move to take a step into business technology right now.

Still not encouraged enough? Learn more about the creation of a restaurant ordering mobile app.