Why White-label delivery app is an utmost gateway for the future?

White-Label Food Delivery App

Food delivery services are quickly becoming famous and extending step by step after the entry of numerous competitors. Of course, nowadays foodies are most likely to order food online and share it with their friends or loved ones to enjoy. 

Because of this huge growth, white-label delivery app development is a popular activity. 

Do you accept it or not? white -label food delivery apps similar to Ubereats are enlarging their reach around the globe. Subsequently, they will end up being the gateway of future food delivery services.  

Don’t be confused. Well after read-through this blog, you’ll get a clear view of how they play.

What is white label?

White-label apps are built by a white or private label application development company and renamed and exchanged by other businesses. White-label solutions might be a service where an application is requested by company B by their business client, however, it’s built by company A. White-label delivery applications can be a specific application shaped by one supplier, where it is retitled and exchanged by multiple resellers. 

A white-label food delivery app is a ready-made solution to instantly accelerate online food orders.

Why the white-label delivery app is so popular?

Normally, entrepreneurs get the applications for their brand without engaging in the technical side like coding, project management, or coding. This is why white-label app development is so familiar these days among small, medium, and start-up businesses. 

As mobile apps are enjoying broad penetration all over, no-code and low-code development strategies get more friction from people without marking the background. The fame of the white-label app is just a sign of this new trend. 

Before choosing up the random white-label delivery apps similar to Ubereats, select the right partner to meet the future requirements with the best features & functionalities. 

Features of White-Label Food Delivery Apps that Reveal Gateway:

By accepting the complete features used in the food delivery app, you can choose the best Ubereats clone app for your restaurant business.

  • Attentive Listing – To take your user’s attention, Foodesoft uses attentive food listing and intuitive UI/UX design which helps your customers to find their favorite food items as per their needs. It includes category name, cost range, restaurant locations, etc.

By having these features, customers can engage with your white-label delivery app easily. So you can level up your revenue by carrying your customer for the long run.

  • Various Panels for App – To manage all users, delivery partners, restaurant owners, and admin all under one roof is not comfortable to operate it. Better, you really want to have an independent panel for all these things and be able to convey mutually between them. Ubereats clone from Foodesoft offers the kind of different panels for the best user experience. 

1. Customer Panel

2. Restaurant Panel

3. Delivery Partner Panel

4. Admin Panel

  • Location-Based Tracking – Every customer can browse and find local eateries for ordering their favorite menu and also have the option to track their orders. All these can be controlled by the Geo-location-based tracking feature from the Foodesoft Ubereats clone app.  

By presenting all this, customers can feel comfortable while ordering food from their favorite restaurants.

  • Communicate via Notifications – If you need more order requests and benefits, be engaged with customers. Is it simple to engage with customers? Indeed, it is not difficult to engage with customers when you have a push notification feature from Foodesoft.

Utilizing this option, you can send popup messages regarding exclusive deals and discounts to your customers. By addressing these popups, you can easily catch your customer’s eye.

  • Modernized Payments –  To feel your user’s comfort while paying, you just want to integrate modern payment technology with your food delivery app. Ubereats clone app from Foodesofts offers multi-payment methods such as credit, debit cards, PayPal, cash on delivery, and so forth.

All these make you develop your customer base in the food delivery business. By increasing the customers you can able to generate enormous benefits from them. 

  • Assure of Credibility – Consistently your consumers need a quality delivery partner to deliver their favorite ordered food from restaurants. To deal with this, you want to screen your delivery partner’s performance. How might you do this? To screen, Ubereats clone from Foodesoft offers a rating and review feature to get trusted reviews from your customers.


By accepting these features, you can able to pick the perfect white-label delivery app from Foodesoft for your revolutionary food delivery business needs. Additionally, you can look at why white-label delivery apps are an ultimate gateway for the future here.