Restaurant App: How QR Code-based Food Ordering Works For Restaurants

QR Code Ordering

Restaurants are no special case when we talk about digitization nowadays. Despite the fact, that moving out for a feast or requesting takeout may appear to be ordinary, the restaurant app offers many advantages. Restauranteurs benefit from further developed customer engagement and better exposure. 

The restaurant business is blasting as of now. A noteworthy exhibit of restaurant applications is accessible, including applications for food delivery, web-based food ordering platforms, and so forth. QSR research approximates that by 2023 computerized food ordering and the delivery market alone will arrive at USD465 billion. This gives restauranteurs a potential chance to benefit from expanding interest in better, digitized dining exposures. 

How Does Restaurant App Work?

The working of restaurant app is easier and easy to use for new users. The application channels assist you to make your desired list, which you can process for checkout once added to your cart. Some apps give self-pick features or pick a delivery time for the delivery to stay away from burden.

  • Customers will sign up with the needed details
  • When you effectively sign in with your mobile number/email id you can look for the necessary food menu
  • Pick your favorite restaurant/food item and add it to the cart
  • Add your delivery address and bookmark it assuming that you are a frequent user
  • Now you can place an order and wait for the restaurant order confirmation
  • The appeal for your item will be forwarded, and the response of accepting or declined will be updated
  • The restaurant admin will revert with the status of the order is being handled or declined by the restaurant
  • A delivery person will be assigned to pick up the delivery
  • The placed order will be delivered, and the delivery status will be executed by the admin and customer as well.

What is QR Code Ordering?

QR code ordering is a strategy for digitizing your menu and ordering process. Eateries use QR codes by setting them on tables or counters, allowing customers to get their menus on their mobile devices. While QR codes in cafes initially took off in 2020 as a manner to decrease customer touchpoints. Restaurants generally put QR code images on tables, doors, or in an essential area around the dining place. 

Benefits of Using QR Code Ordering for Restaurants

Give up third-party fee

Third-party service providers can have steep charges when it comes to pick-up and delivery. Choosing the right online ordering system for restaurants reduces your costs, allowing you to get more cash flow on your added income streams. With staffing competition at an untouched high, it shortens costs in other regions of your business and will assist you to offer more interesting wages to attract talent.

Having your own ordering system additionally gives you more control over the look and feel of your ordering system. The right online ordering system permits you to create your own ordering system, so your brand stays reliable across all platforms. 

Contactless Services

You can offer contactless services to your customers and gain their trust in dining out during this pandemic circumstance. Patterns of dining out have changed your customers more concerned about hygiene and safety. Offering contactless services is a chance to show special gestures to your customers and restaurant employees’ safety.

Reduce Overheads

Offering QR code ordering allows you to access huge orders, even if you have less availability of staff. With online ordering, customers can place orders wherever they are. If you have excess orders to deliver, and not enough staff, you can even manage the received orders. An online ordering system allows you to adjust food prep and pickup times during peak hours and busy shifts. As customers can handle orders themselves, where you’ll require less staff on the floor. Using a self-ordering system will expand the number of orders with less number of restaurant staff.

Focus on Customer Loyalty

Since your staff doesn’t have to stress over taking orders or payments, they can focus on customer service, and enhancing the overall experience for your customers. Since order comes directly from customers, there is additionally less space for a human mistake that may happen during a busy shift. QR code ordering ensures that the orders that get into the kitchen are exactly what your customer ordered. Accessible staff will have more chances to monitor customers and ensure that placed orders turn out in a timely manner. 

Offering Contactless Payments

With a QR code ordering system, customers can also pay online through their mobile devices. Offering contactless payments from their phone implies less staff going around, or customers waiting for bills. Contactless payments additionally add a layer of safety between your employees and customers, as it eliminates surface touchpoints and cutoff interaction between customers and restaurant staff.

Final Term

While nothing beats having a fully occupied front and back of the house, having an integrated restaurant platform and online ordering system assists you in better dealing with your operations regardless of what the future brings. Overall, customers can take responsibility for their ordering experience and order online for delivery, takeout, and tableside. Whether you’re fully staffed or short-handled, QR code-based ordering helps you to automate your ordering process, freeing up staff to perform key roles that focus on customer experience, rather than taking orders.