Everything you would like to know about Restaurant Contactless Delivery

Contactless Delivery

In this primer, we’ll cover the core ideas you would like to know about this new style of delivery.

What is Contactless Delivery?

No contact delivery could be a methodology of delivering food that involves as very little person-to-person interaction as attainable. Typically, contactless delivery involves an effort a customer’s order at a preset location (i.e. their doorstep) so walking away. The delivery person will then apprise them of order delivery via text message or associate degree third-party deliver app and wait at a distance to create certain the client receives their food. In some cases, drivers send photos to indicate the food has been delivered so head out on their means.

Reason to Implement Contactless Delivery

Contactless became fashionable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic so as to stop the unfolding of the virus and maintain social distancing measures. And this continues to be a priority for customers. 

Besides health issues, patrons have fully grown at home with the convenience of contactless delivery. Who needs to open the door to a trespasser in their sweatpants and untidy bread, am I right?

So for the restaurants with delivery options, this particular technique appears to be poised to stay around.

Set-Up a Successful Contactless Delivery 

Beneath, we’ve got you covered the key points to establishing contactless delivery.

1. A Immense Online Ordering System

Restaurateurs realize that an organized online ordering system is one of the keys to a thriving takeout and delivery business. Rather than taking orders solely over the phone, an online ordering system will facilitate and integrate the method for both customers and restaurant employees.

Not sure what you’ll like in an online ordering system? Here are some parts to assume about:

  • Website integration &  user experience: Implementing an online ordering system that integrates simply together with your website and a brand can create a seamless experience for users. Recognize however the ordering system works on a laptop or portable computer moreover as on a mobile device.
  • Pricing: Online ordering software package typically comes with a subscription price and charges for process payments — generally as percentage-based commissions, as flat fees. Know the fees you’ll be responsible for, so you’ll realize the most effective deal for your business.
  • Data Tracking: An online ordering system can be an excellent way to collect data on your customers and orders.
  • Customer Support: Does the ordering software have an accessible customer support system built-in? Most restaurateurs don’t have time to troubleshoot website problems.

Consider Foodesoft’s online ordering system for restaurants in your search. With functionalities like saved credit/debit cards and user profit, customizable restaurant branding, and integration with POS, it will assist you to offer guests simplified digital ordering expertise.

2. An Effective Delivery System 

You need an efficient delivery system to assist build your contactless services. once selecting your delivery system, believe a couple of key questions:

  • Do you need to create your own delivery system or use a pre-existing service? Both choices have professional and cons. Building a delivery system yourself is also time-intensive, however, it will allow a lot of management and customization over how it works. You won’t start a pre-existing service, however, you will pay additional fees or follow sure protocols.
  • Which delivery services are mostly used in your location? If you are doing plan to go along with a third-party service, consider what’s hottest at your location. You’ll doubtless get a lot of takeout traffic with a service that’s constantly used in your town. For instance, in keeping with Statista, 37% of food delivery orders in New York city are handled through Grubhub. In Miami, however, solely 7% of food delivery orders are handled through Grubhub.
  • Does the food delivery system integrate with your POS? Another thought is POS integration. Having a delivery system that works simply along with your POS can save time throughout the order and delivery process. As an example. If you utilize Foodesoft POS, it integrates seamlessly in order that you don’t need to take additional steps to finish takeout and delivery orders.

3. Notifying Guests When Food is on the Doorstep

While delivery persons historically knock or ring the house bell to deliver food to the customer, contactless delivery needs a replacement technique.

Instruct your employees to drop off food, and walk away, so send a text to notify customers that their food has been delivered. Some apps and delivery services have already got an integral notification system that enables drivers to just about notify customers of delivery.

Concluding Remark

If you are looking for a way to supply the safest takeout and delivery service to your customers, no-touch delivery may well be the solution. By limiting hand contact throughout the preparation method, you’ll be able to make sure that menu things area unit safe to eat. Eliminating person-to-person contact along with your customers additionally lowers the chance of spreading germs just like the coronavirus.