Kitchen Display System – Accelerate the Functional Efficiency of Your Restaurant Orders

Kitchen Display System

A kitchen display system that fully automates the backend operations of restaurants. It can be installed anywhere inside the restaurants like on walls, ceilings, wire racks, and window sills. All the data regarding the orders created by the eaters are going to be quickly shared with the kitchen display software and also the purpose of the Sale (POS) system.

Day-to-Day performance updates are going to be displayed guaranteeing that the restaurant constantly improves its business metrics. The restaurants will use it for analyzing the trends discovered in sales over a period, forecast the inventory levels for the long run, update the menus, pay attention to the employee needs, and implement loyalty programs simply.

It can be used by hotels, food trucks, streetside eateries, cafes, pubs, bars, and quick-service restaurants.

In this blog, we detailed to you the importance of a Kitchen Display System (KDS) and the different factors they offer for a restaurant. This should also serve as a checklist to ensure that you buy one that is right for your restaurant.

Importance Aspects Of Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Order Optimization:

Every order can be taken through online platforms, authorized third-party channels, and kiosks for self-ordering, takeaway, and doorstep delivery.

Alerting the cooks – through instant notifications and blinking flashlights to pay attention towards new food orders in the restaurants.

Seamless Integration – with kiosk ordering facility, POS system, online food delivery app, and the restaurant website.

Real-time error alerts – regarding the new orders raised by customers and unfinished orders yet to be completed by the restaurants. This ensures that the employee of the restaurant provides high priority to finishing emergent tasks.

A kitchen manager – where food items such as drinks, desserts, and beverages can be easily managed while serving to a diner’s table. 

On-time tracking – of the inventory levels of all the raw materials and necessary ingredients reducing possibilities of any thieving or wastage. 

Information about the time – taken for cooking food at the predicted time which the order reaches the eater’s table. 

Ethernet connectivity – for easy and smooth offline operations in the case of any internet issues.

Details are shared instantly – to the waiter’s device once the placed order has been prepared and ready to be taken to the eater’s table.

Remote device monitoring – by the supervisors of the restaurants for database management, recovery of data, and configuration of power on/off schedules.

Employee activities – has the on/off times of employees will be displayed in the kitchen display system to ensure that only the available staff provide their services to the customers.

Acceptance of multiple payments – can be done instantly by the eaters through credit cards, debit cards, online payments, digital wallets, and or in cash.

Advanced reservation facility – Since customers can book tables beforehand, the information related to all the reservations can also be easily stored and accessed quickly.

Multi-platform availability – as it can compatible with both Android and iOS mobile apps and browsers as well.

Dark Theme Option – to suit low-light kitchen environments.

Business Advantages of Kitchen Display System Are,

Decrease errors – during communication between the waiters and the kitchen staff.

Increase customer satisfaction – as placed orders will be delivered quickly.

Digitalized order management – helps in saving paper costs leading to a more environment-friendly way of running the business. 

User-friendly interface – that can be utilized by the employee without the need to undertake any kind of training.

Efficient management of menus – by displaying the high-selling food items at the top to facilitate quicker checkout for customers.

Effective table management – by customizing the ground set up of the restaurant and adjusting it for giant gatherings and parties. The layouts are simply modified using click and drag buttons. 

Efficient billing management – gives flexibility to the customers as they can move for options like split billing and individual billing.

Reduction in food wastage – by forecasting the complete requirements of a kitchen for a certain duration. 

Smooth sharing of vital information – like dietary desires, allergies of the eaters, and different special requests on to the staff of the restaurant before they process the order of the diners.

Some Unique Factors Before Acquiring A Kitchen Display System For Your Restaurant

  • The ease of usage and the way it helps in rising the daily tasks either by reducing expenses or saving time for the restaurant employees.
  • The benefits of adding some new features such as text messaging, label printing, and CRM integration.
  • The various add-on parts provided like cloud platform integration, a money drawer, a receipt printer, AN EMV- enabled MasterCard reader, self-ordering kiosks for restaurants, pay-at-table devices, and pre-configuration of devices to permit smooth hardware and code support.
  • Provision of warranty plans along with a hardware replacement policy.
  • In case, a subscription plan is offered by the Kitchen Display System (KDS) provider, it must not have any upfront costs, license fees, and lock-in contracts.

Summing Up

Hope this gave you a perspective on how helpful a Kitchen Display System is for your restaurant. A Kitchen Display System could be a must-have for restaurants to modernize their business operations and thrive within the extremely competitive industry. The advantages can outweigh the prices in the long-term leading to the accomplishment of all the objectives of the restaurant.

And don’t forget, reducing the use of documentation work at your restaurant is friendlier for the atmosphere.