What is Ubereats Clone App? Overview of Ubereats Clone that helps for food delivery business start-ups from Foodesoft.

An online food delivery business is a non-ending business until the world dies. Day-to-day the business demand is getting high. Most of the entrepreneurs in the market like to be partnering with the legends of online food delivery services like Ubereats, Grub-hub and more to get profitable outcomes.

We Foodesoft have considered this in our mind and have designed an app like Ubereats to assist all start-ups and organizations to meet their demands.

Our Ubereats clone is a well-developed code for your business world to possess prosperous results. It’s the simplest business module that suits each startup. Our food ordering script is accessible on each net app in addition as in mobile apps to fulfill user’s necessities.

What is Ubereats Clone App?

Ubereats is a software/script which has all the needed functionalities of Ubereats. The success of Ubereats product and service has inspired many entrepreneurs to implement a business like Ubereats. Foodesoft is one of the top-most Ubereats clone script providers in the food related market. 

Advantages of Our Ubereats Clone

  • Users can enter into the Ubereats clone app by using email id, mobile number, or social media logins. It allows only the verified users to explore the on-demand food delivery system. 
  • In ubereats clone, users can easily search their food with some similar options like sort, price and filter options.
  • If the restaurateur has the delivery type option like “Delivery”. Using this option, users can order when they are willing to receive ordered food from the restaurant.
  • “Add restaurant” option has been integrated into the app where the user can start adding their favorite restaurant on their favorites list.
  • In the checkout page, the user can tip the driver by clicking the “Add Tip” option. If a user added tips to the driver, the tip amount will be added automatically to the total bill amount.
  • Users can track the driver what he/she is doing once the food delivery trip starts. They can sit back and relax. 
  • Notifications regarding the confirmation of the placing order and other updates on preparation of orders and receiving orders at their doorstep. Our experts have worked on this to maintain the smooth performance using our firebase technology.
  • To give a reward for the food delivery services, we have provided users, drivers and restaurants to express their feelings using a “Rating and Review” option. 
  • Restaurateur partners are able to set their availability “Accept Orders” or “Reject Orders”  with a simple action.
  • Admin can select the payout preference from the available options. It enables the restaurant and driver to pay the admin.
  • To make your payment easy, we have integrated the option to pay by cash, PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards and can pay through wallet as well.

Why to Choose Foodesoft For Food Delivery Script?

  • We submit your apps which are built and bought from us. We provide you the complete support to submit iOS apps in App Store & Android apps in the Play Store.
  • After purchase of the app, we install our ubereats clone app script to your server without charging a fee. Also, in a short period we will make your script live.
  • Based on the package’s choice, you’ll be afforded with an entire source code. 100 % source code suggests that the users have all the privilege to edit and alter the source code in accordance with their ideology to draw in their relevant users.
  • Our specialists crafted all the options of the app in native languages of iOS & robot to produce a compatible service and create a presence in various kinds of technologies.
  • We’ll always come forward to support you in all types of communication channels. Our on-time support includes technical and non technical support and maintenance from the team.
  • Our skilled team can assist you for registration of accounts on any third party sites like SMSGateway, Payment entry, Server, and far a lot of.
  • It is vital to possess your brand logo and company name everywhere. Within the admin panel you’ll take away your name and logo from every place visible and replace it with yours that helps in building your brand.

Panels that our Ubereats clone offer:

  • User:

Android, iOS, Web Panel

  • Restaurant:

Android, iOS, Web Panel

  • Driver:

Android, iOS, Web Panel

  • Admin:

Web Panel – To manage & monitor how your site has been processed.

Finishing that:

Foodesoft is specialized in constructing an app and market leaders in delivering solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to provide an omni channel experience to their customers. We convey innovation benefits and enhance organizations by tackling complex business challenges with a leap forward functional developments. Our mission is to engineer and maximize ROI. 

Feel Free to reach us to explore more about features, benefits, and demo, mail us on support@foodesoft.com.