Benefits Of Having Self-Ordering Kiosks For Your Restaurants

Self-ordering Kiosks for Restaurants

Restaurants’ automation and technology are wisely swapping the way restaurants operate and function. POS integrated Self-Ordering Kiosks apps are fast gaining momentum in changing the way orders are placed at quick-service restaurants with high footfall.

A self-ordering kiosk can be employed as a self-service food ordering system wherein the customers can place an order directly at the kiosk. The kiosk is a small free-standing physical structure that displays the entire menu for the customers to choose from. The orders are placed directly at the POS without the intervention of the cashier or server.

Self-ordering kiosks work very well at fast-food restaurants, quick-service restaurants, and casual dine restaurants where the footfall is high. 

For example, KFC in Malaysia used multiple point technology, which allows users to order their food at one point and collect it at another. Also, kiosks allow customers to customize the food as per their liking. Kiosks reached a higher level in the market because they give customers more control and also prevent misperception.

How Kiosk Benefits the Restaurant Business?

Self-ordering kiosks not only benefit the tech-savvy millennials but are highly advantageous for Quick Service Restaurants as well. 

  • Reduces Labor Cost
  • Reduces Ordering Time
  • Ensures Order Perfection
  • Targeted Upselling Assistance
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Underneath, this blog has explained the entire benefits of having kiosk apps. 

Reduces Labor Cost

Installing kiosk apps provides labor savings by changing the front-of-house structure and lowering the labor cost. 

You need to ensure that the instructions for operating a kiosk are clearly mentioned besides it. Else, you will end up hiring more people to provide technical support to your customers.

Unlike the employee’s wages, kiosks are a one-time investment since you do not need to pay for its services every month.

Installing a kiosk would let you reallocate the restaurant staff to areas where they can better benefit the business, like in the kitchen.

Reduces Ordering Cost

It often takes time to place an order at a Quick Service Restaurant due to the crowd, especially during peak hours. A kiosk app will help in diverting some of the people away from the counter which reduces the order taking time. It also helps customers to explore the menu easily and make quick payments.

One can collect the bill generated from the kiosk and collect the food from the counter when it’s prepared.

Therefore, installing a self-ordering kiosk for restaurants will help you cater to more people and take more orders as it prevents any delays in the total service time.

Ensures Order Perfection

There are chances of human errors when accepting orders the traditional way. Even though the servers are trained to repeat the orders to the guest, human errors are inevitable. Especially at high footfall places during the rush hours, the chances of errors while placing the order are pretty high.

A self-service food ordering system lets the customers place an order at their own pace. It gives them the time to check through the selected menu items and place the or

Kiosks come in handy when you have a customizable menu. The customers can customize their meal as per their own wish and ensure the exactness before payment and order submission.

Targeted Upselling Assistance

Want to sell more items to make huge revenue on sales? Install the Kiosk app instantly at your restaurants.   

A self-service food ordering system enables restaurant owners to display multiple messages based on customers’ purchase behavior.  

Kiosks let you display pictures of the food items that make the dish look enticing and people are more likely to order it.

Ordering systems have no space limitations and have more room to tempt customers into buying more profitable items through imagery and compelling item descriptions.

This helps in increasing the sales of the most profitable items by increasing the average overall check totals.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Just imagine, if your customer has to wait for 10 long minutes only to place an order. This will definitely embarrass your Quick service restaurant reputation.

Installing a kiosk app will minimize the order time and let customers place their orders swiftly, even during busy hours. It makes users comfortable placing an order by providing the full menu at their fingertips. They provide payment versatility, make a payment via cash or securely make card-based payments. The kiosk also provides the customers with adequate information about the food to those soliciting it.

The restaurant industry’s demand for quick and swifter service has given birth to the rise of the self-service food ordering system. Self-ordering kiosks are fast, adaptable, and offer a great customer experience, making them essential for any Quick Service Restaurant.