How to Regenerate the Restaurant Business in 2021?

Regenerate the Restaurant Business in 2021

Savvy restaurant holders always look for future trends and establishments to stay one step ahead of the crowd. It’s a crucial time for business owners to follow some business strategies to stay ahead from competitors and make profits out of these ever-changing trends.

With COVID-19 restrictions, now again restaurants are opening up with physical operations. However, people in threat hesitate to visit restaurants and they prefer online food ordering more in general. 

Restaurants are trying to provide complete leisure and safety measures for people to trust their brand. Here is a list of the top 6 strategies to recreate your restaurant in 2021. 

(i) New Normal: Off-Premise Dining 

Even before this pandemic, a high number of people opted for online food ordering. In 2018, research by Technomic published 59% of total food service meals were off the restaurant premises. “Dine-in (restaurant) visits are now the minority,” said Joe Pawlak, managing principal of Technomic.

In this current scenario, restaurants that were open to off-premises ordering are successful, and provide take-home options for their customers. Even after this contagion, restaurants must be able to provide takeout options for customers. 

You can join food delivery partners such as Uber Eats, Zomato, and Swiggy, or else the ever-trending option is to build your own mobile ordering apps to serve the purpose of your customers. During this pandemic, global brands ensure contactless pickup options, Pizza Hut is one the such food chains.

(ii) Trending Alfresco Dine 

This pandemic got all the hate from people who love social gatherings and traveling outdoors. The choice of eating outside itself is an attractive picnic for middle-class people. 

Since then, al fresco dining has always craved its own idea. Now restaurants offering dining in outdoor spaces by following social distancing are getting popular these days.

In London (Soho area), after strict lockdown, hospitality venues made a thought-provoking shift with tables and chairs to serve food in outside spaces. This initiative got its popularity as “Social Soho”, which banned cars from entering. In the USA, there is a huge rise in online table booking service options compared to last year, says OpenTable.

(iii) New Restaurant Pop-ups

The next great initiative in this line is turning hotel rooms into pop-up restaurants. A hotel in Sweden has recreated its bedrooms into dine-in spaces for customers to serve in proper social distancing. 

Their private rooms can accommodate (2 to 12 people) and allow people to order food over the phone. This reduces the last-minute rush and is beneficial for both customers and restaurant owners.

(iv) Hassle-free Contactless Payments & Ordering 

Food ordering via mobile apps was popular even before this contagion, people find easy payments using credit/debit cards and mobile devices convenient over other options. 

Even before this pandemic hit, contactless delivery and payments were popularly in use. Moreover, Contactless payment is considered a lifesaver to deal with this virus spread.

The research predicts, in McDonald’s, and Burger King, 36% of customers reported that they shifted to digital payments for the first time now.

(v) Book Your Table like a Pro

You can’t deny the fact that table booking is much needed these days, restaurants have limited space because of social distancing. So it’s definitely a great option to cut off the crowd and people can enjoy their meals with advanced bookings.

Online table reservation is just made over the phone call, which reduces the time for restaurant owners and customers. This online booking system will cut down half the stress of businesses and allow them to organize automatically.

(vi) Automated Kitchen Operations 

Restaurants implement all sorts of safety measures to protect their customers, at the same time it’s crucial to ensure the safety of kitchen staff and cooks. 

With technology, we have almost an ubereats clone solution for everything and a kitchen display system is one of such much-needed advancements. 

This kitchen display system reduces the risks of providing safety for the front staff and it allows restaurants to display the menu digitally. 

KDS also helps to track order updates, delivery time, and takeaway options. This helps restaurant owners to display the menu automatically and streamline their business more prominently. 


Even though the fear of pandemics is subsiding still, there is positive growth in restaurants ensuring people’s safety and providing technology solutions for customers. If you are planning to update your restaurant and offer technological solutions for your customers, but are still confused about how to implement it? Talk to our experts today.