Top Featured Online Food Ordering System in 2021

Building an online presence of a business is making the customer know how delicious your food is. If no one hasn’t visited your restaurant, then nobody will know about the restaurant and your food. You need to show your appearance in the market. By introducing an online food ordering system, you can reach more customers when it comes online. So, taking your business online you should implement an online food ordering system for your restaurant. Days are gone before, when getting software for business was very difficult. In recent times, there are a lot of platforms to get your online food ordering system as per your need and as per your budget. 

Online food ordering systems make your work easier, you can manage your orders and payments without any difficulties.

Here are some lists of top online food ordering systems providers: 



Foodesoft – Foodesoft is the best app development company that provides solutions to launch websites and mobile apps for startups. A complete food ordering platform helps customers to order their favorite menu from their favorite restaurants. Customers can find multiple restaurants near their area and order food by cash on delivery or online payment. We have developed the application with many features and a cool user interface. You can simply manage your orders and payments through the admin dashboard. 

Also, Foodesoft will help you to get an advanced online ordering system for restaurants. By getting a separate online ordering system, the restaurants can sell food online and receive your orders through the website. Restaurants will reach the next level using Foodesoft’s online ordering system. 

Features: No hidden costs, unlimited users, unlimited transactions, integrated payment gateways, POS registration, and mobile applications.

Available: Android, iOS

Menu Drive:


MenuDrive provides the tools to customize your website as per your needs. It takes your orders and converts them into a food-ordering website. You can manage everything through your MenuDrive control panel, it makes the changes that will appear automatically.

Pricing: $90/month

Features: Unlimited orders, Group ordering, POS integration, Integrated payment gateways.

Chow Now: 


Chow now is a platform that provides mobile applications and websites for your online food ordering system. Here, an online payment and order tracking facility has been implemented, you can track them through the admin dashboard. The reports of past orders can be extracted and also can customize it.

Pricing: $99/month + $199 Setup cost

Features: Branded mobile application, website, marketing services, dashboard.

Gloria food:


Gloria food is an ordering platform, it gives a free online ordering system for restaurants. It’s open-source free software for online ordering. With our free online food ordering system, you can order food online, directly from your websites. Our online ordering systems will create your websites without any coding skills. Gloria food also provides table reservations for the restaurants. By filling in your restaurant profile and adding the “ View MENU & ORDER “button on your sites.

Pricing: Free

Features: Table reservations, free.

Toast POS:


Toast point of sale combines powerful cloud-based software, payment processing, and hardware, built for the restaurants with attendants of third-party integrations. Helps people to develop their online food ordering business. It offers a point of sale to restaurants and an online ordering system. 

Pricing: $79/month

Features: POS integration, integration with 70+ restaurant partners. 

Why are Food Delivery Apps so popular?

To begin, Here are some exciting features that became every food delivery app so popular in the industry,

  • Within the app, the menu is easily accessible and visible.
  • Offering ordering options for delivery and takeaway.
  • Real-time in-app tracking option of delivery.
  • Classy-designed apps with a brand name for great customer experience.


By seeing the above comparison, you can decide which is the best food ordering system. 

So, According to us, Foodesoft is the best online food ordering system in the industry. It provides a highly-rated Ubereats clone platform with websites and applications. If you really want a powerful platform like Ubereats for your business, then sign up with Foodesoft.